Gary's Nursery Plant Availability
Spring 2019

Availability and Prices subject to change without notice.

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North Carolina Grown Since 1975
Pocomoke Crape Myrtle
A true genetic dwarf which was introduced by the National Arboretum. Nice bright pink blooms with a dark green oval shape..
Pink Muhly Grass and Home Run Roses
Nandinas and Azaleas looking really good right now..
Gold Mop, Knockout Roses and Dwarf Yaupon
Perennial Red Star Hibiscus
Large red flowers all summer into early Fall.
We grow these from seed collected from our old specimens growing at our place. Grows most anywhere in light high shade to full sun and grows well even in very wet areas. 
We have several vaieties of Mahonia. Wonderful plants for shady areas. Many have yellow flowers and blue berries in the Fall.
Cold Hardy Palms - Our specialty
We grow all of our our palms right here from time proven cold hardy specimens.
Many species not commonly available which results in customers driving long distances to obtain them
Cold Hardy Bottlebrush
Woodlander's Hardy has proven to be extremely cold hardy after the plants are established unlike the common varieties sold in the big box stores
Snowball Viburnum
Large 3 gallon plants the week of 4-4-19 The greenish flowerheads will be turning pure white shortly.  Shown as 3 gallon plant and after a few years planted in ground.
Rose of Sharon (Althea)
Very nice large full plants in 3 gallon Containers just now leafing out.