Saving an Old Sabal Minor
Around 2000, a friend asked me if I wanted to try to save this old multi-stem Sabal minor that was growing next to an old house in downtown New Bern.  This clump of minors had been just surviving here in the almost pure sand for many yaers.
The house had been purchased by the church next door which had plans for some major changes for the property and the old palm was not wanted.
April 2004 photo of recovered Sabal minor.
About a year before the move.
The Sabal minor clump laid in the sun unprotected for half a day after digging. I had a fit when I saw the way my guys had treated this. I thought it was going to die for sure.
The following summer after potting into a 45 gallon container. Some  of the leaves died and were removed. It remained in the pot one more season and was heavily fed with Osmocote..
In 2008 the Sabal minor clump has turned into a very healthy specimen over six feet tall and nine feet wide.
It is now partly shaded by a Trachycarpus Nainital.

All photos © Copyright 1999-2009
Gary Hollar