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All palm photos on this site were taken in NC except where noted. 
 Copyright © 1999-2023 by Gary Hollar. 
All rights reserved.
680 Crump Farm Road
New Bern, NC 28562

NC Native Palm Grower; Sabal Minor and Sabal Palmetto
We have been growing cold hardy palms from seed for almost 40 years and In the past have shipped them to other nurseries and garden centers all over eastern NC, SC and Va.

Gary is past president and past NC director of The Southeastern (US) Palm Society.  He has given palm presentations to the JC Raulston Aboretum, Master Gardner State Conference, NC Asssociation of Nurserymen, Tryon Palace, Master Gardener groups and many garden clubs all over NC. His articles and photos on palms have been shared here and abroad for many years.

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NC Nursery and Landscape Association
NC Licensed Landscape Contractor
Past President Southeastern (US) Palm Society
Member Southeastern Palm Society
Member International Palm Society​
Serving Eastern NC Since 1975

Celebrating 48 years in 2023
By the Grace of God and the support of our friends, customers and suppliers we are celebrating out 48th year in 2023. 
For this we are truly grateful.
Gary, Missy and Leigh Anne Hollar

Perennial Hibiscus 'Red Star'

ClWe havThousands of young palms with more and more reaching a good size and ready to go out of here and be planted. We have been growing cold hardy palms from seed for almost 40 years. Most all the large palms you see at our place and at our nursery were started out as smaller plants which establish better than large ones. They grow up in place and are acclimatized to the area they will spend their life.
Please call for hours.  
 After we do a landscape installation we go back to take photos the second season after it goes in. That is when everything has put on nice new growth and looks the best.  Here is one I took photos of  recently in its second season since planting.
      Gary's Nursery, LLC
        Growing plants for Retail and Wholesale Sales as                 well as Landscape Design and Installation 
 Since 1975
             NC Licensed Landscape Contractor #441
Using lots of color along with locally grown plants is our specialty 
Our design and installation on a project after maturity. 
 Watching these plants grow up from young ones we grew is such a pleasurable and rewarding experience. 
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                 Grower of Cold Hardy Palms
         Specializing in our two NC natives and other cold hardy palms. 
Grown by seed by us from NC native habitat and other palms from very old established specimens in NC that have survived very cold winters over the years.
***Please call 252-637-6858 for hours.***
Left: Sabal Brazoriensis, an ancient cross of two palms that are native to NC, Sabal Palmetto & Sabal Minor. 
To the right are NC native Sabal Minor (Dwarf Palmetto) . To the far right Windmill Palm.